Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Poser Pro 2014 comes out, and I get distracted

It turns out that Poser Pro 2014 was released early this morning.

I did not load everything quite the way that I should, and one or two files got misplaced (try the entire Content Library) so that I had to find where it had gone and set it to rights.

Be that as it may,it turns out that I finally got most things in place, and apart from a wee problem that I still have with lighting, and some poor choice of textures, it seems to be working well. If I can get the Lux Render to work right (it was and I seem to have erred there again) I will add that below the fold.

But this is why today's post will appear tomorrow. The picture is all composed from the work of others - not that much time for creativity. It is Raining Bird of the Cree (courtesy of the Cahokia Men series) wearing Shaman warpaint, leaping Merlin's Country Wall, with my own Iroquois village background. Enjoy!

Hopefully this will be rendered by dawn.