Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inauguration

People came by bus and car, by plane and train* to act as witness, and to be a part of a historic moment, as President Obama was sworn in. There can be little doubt that the change has arrived, and that the thought process in Washington is going to be completely different. And tomorrow the work will begin again, though in another direction, and in a new set of hands.

The brilliance that President Obama’s team displayed in bringing us to this day, and in uniting so many people in helping them get to that stage today, has earned them the right to tackle some of the hardest problems that this nation has faced in quite a while. I was reminded, watching the crowd on the Mall, of July 4th, 1976 when we went to the Gateway Arch in St Louis for the celebration (along with about three-quarters of a million others) and streaming away afterwards with everyone chatting socially and happily about the event. That mood back then, I think, was similar to the mood today for those that braved the seasonal temperature to be there. That euphoria lasted quite a while back then, and one can hope that a similar spirit will allow progress to be made in many of the more difficult areas, while the desire to collaborate and serve remains strong.

Tomorrow the first statements of the new Administration will appear, and the new directions and directives will start to define the new path and begin the very slow task of switching the nation toward that future.

For tonight it is most appropriate to give the new President, and Administration best wishes for success in their time, and in bringing prosperity back both to the nation and the world.

*(though the Metro was running packed and lost two stations for a while due to an accident when a train hit a lady at a station).

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