Thursday, January 1, 2009

P7. Pick Points

Half a dozen or so stories that are worth taking note of:

As the row evolves between Russia and Ukraine, details of the current and planned gas costs to Ukraine are available, but Ukraine may already be cheating.

The first folks to feel the pinch as the shortage spreads, may be those at the ends of the pipeline. These would include Ireland (which does not appear concerned yet), while others are relying on gas that was stored in advance.

Pakistan has not only terrorist problems, but also load shedding problems and a lack of power for industry that is causing increasing unrest.

Iran has responded to OPEC’s request for a production cut of half-a-million barrels a day, though Iraq is planning on making up some of the difference.

Indian company buys Imperial Energy, a company with assets in Siberia.

Turkey is to build its first nuclear power plant.

The lack of power in Nepal is starting to hurt their tourist industry.

For more extensive lists of stories, don't forget the Energy Bulletin, and Drumbeat at the Oil Drum.

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