Sunday, May 30, 2010

Deepwater Oil Spill - using a nuclear weapon

While the likelihood of using a nuclear weapon to shut off flow to the leaking oilwell in the Gulf are absolutely zero, nevertheless, under a different circumstance it did work in the Soviet Union. This video of that event shows it happening. Thanks, Rune.


  1. Fine. Explosives have worked in some other situations. The critical difference in the Deepwater site has huge clathrate formations that likely contributed to the incident in the first place. If you advocate explosions, then you must also demonstrate the explosions will not destabilize the hydrates, or if so, that any consequences are manageable. Why the hydrates seem to be such a small detail to so many is really puzzling to those who are looking carefully at the situation.

    Unfortunately for the peanut gallery, nobody has ever been able to deal with hydrates yet- and not for lack of trying under even the best of circumstances.

  2. I am not advocating the use of explosives, this was more as a matter of general information, there are a very large number of reasons why it is not a good idea in this circumstance. (Which has not stopped some folk from advocating it). Even more than the practical reasons which make it infeasible are the political considerations which make it totally unrealistic as an option.

  3. lee, how about a 101 for the peanuts?
    I'm just interested.