Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More on a potential Katla eruption

The sequence of earthquakes around the Myrdalsjokull glacier, under which sits the Katla volcano, is, at present relatively slow, so that only about 6 or so occur over every 24-hour period, the interval over which they are displayed at the Icelandic Met Office site.

However it is only by combining images over a period of time that it becomes clear that the quakes have, as I noted last week, begun to focus in a couple of areas. To help show how this is continuing to evolve, in the picture below the red dots were earthquakes during the first 10-days of the month, the green are over the second 10-day period, and the blue are the ones since the 21st. It helps to show how the quakes, when taken with reported harmonics, lead me to the prediction that Katla is now likely to erupt, perhaps as soon as September, or even earlier. (The square black spots were larger than mag 3, the rest less than that).

Earthquakes around Myrdalsjokull and the Katla volcano (data from the Icelandic Met Office)

I will keep putting these up at irregular intervals until the eruption comes, or the pattern dissipates.

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