Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Katla, the volcano in Iceland, seems about ready

Just before the eruption at Grimsvotn on 21st May, the relative quiescence of earthquakes above a level 3 along the volcanic rift that runs through Iceland was broken by a sequence along the line.

24 hours of earthquake activity in Iceland 22 May 2011 (Icelandic Met Office) Green stars indicate quakes above a level 3.0

with the more specific details
100) 05-21-2011 64,369 -17,201 3,6 (1,1 km deep 5,3 km SE of Grímsfjall)

101) 05-21-2011 64,154 -17,642 3,3 (1,1 km deep 30,2 km ENE of Laki)

102) 05-21-2011 64,366 -17,266 3,0 (1,1 km deep 4,3 km S of Grímsfjall)

103) 05-21-2011 63,905 -18,523 4,6 (1,1 km deep 23,1 km SW of Laki)

104) 05-21-2011 64,049 -17,770 3,1 (3,3 km deep 22,7 km E of Laki)

So now, following the events of the past few days at Katla, there has now been a larger earthquake at that site.

07-13-2011 63,651 -19,098 3,1 (1,1 km deep 7,6 km E of Goðabunga )

Quakes in the last 24-hours around Katla, the star denotes a quake larger than 3 (Icelandic Met Office)

So if you follow the logic from my previous post then Katla is about to erupt, since the larger quake denotes the creation or opening of a larger crack/ flaw/ chamber and now that the path is made, the magma should not be that far behind. We have moved through counting from months, to weeks, to days, and now I suspect we are into hours.

But at 9:38 pm all is still quiet:

Katla Webcam

Second Katla webcam
York Harbor Inn,
July 13, 2011

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