Sunday, January 4, 2009

P9 Pick Points

Half-a-dozen or so stories of interest.

The Russia:Ukraine dispute over paying for gas is starting to have a greater impact, as more countries in Europe (now up to 7) feel the impact, but the countries losing gas seem to be clients of RosUkrEnergo, while in the latest suggestion Ukraine wants to raise the transit fee from $1.70 to $4 per tcm, and forecasts serious European supply problems in two weeks if the issues are not resolved. Sadly attitudes on both sides seem to be hardening as the economic arguments on both sides become clearer.

There is a more detailed background to the story by Jerome.

Gas, or the lack of it, also appears to be at the heart of the energy crisis in Pakistan

Also in Pakistan, unfortunately, there was a coal mine blast that killed eight workers.

The ethanol mandate in Australia may use up to 20% of the grain crop, and may require imports.

A history of some of the energy problems in Nepal is provided and new hydro construction urged, in the meantime imports from India have helped.

I just found this video of some of the solar tower construction in Spain, the first using hot air, and the second is the steam generator tower, while the third is a much smaller solar steam turbine

There are more stories listed at the Energy Bulletin, and at Drumbeat on The Oil Drum.

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