Thursday, March 19, 2009

My excuses and a natural gas thought

Hmm! Tomorrow I get to go and give the report that brought me all the way over the Atlantic, and so this perforce must be brief, since even us ageing Academics must look over the material at least once. Also The Oil Drum is coming up on a fourth Birthday, and I am trying to do a quick history before it all fades into the past.

Thus, with your indulgence, just another grim look at the price of natural gas, where the seasonal drop is not yet helped, by the reduction in rigs, and new wells. The Natural Gas Weekly Update shows the same steady decline in gas prices that we have seen for the last six months.

Source EIA

And yet when one looks at the stocks of some of the producers, the story is a wee bit different. Chesapeake stock price has started to rise again, a little, as has Devon Energy so maybe we are coming through the end of the bottom of the market in energy – well a little early to tell, so keep watching.

Must dash! But back soon! No more below

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