Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some short notes

The end of the month, and the enforced rest, was going to give me time to catch up on a couple of things, but it turns out that there is a good reason (in the level of medication among others) for the rest, so things will needs must wait. And talking of waiting, it turns out that , despite some earlier predictions to the contrary, spring has been coming later to parts of the Arctic rather than the uniform earlier spring that is usually reported. The location of the relatively earlier warming zone along the southern Norwegian coast makes it appear that the phenomenon may be sea current based).

By the way, also in regard to waiting, the Actress went ahead and ordered her Fusion this weekend, in the same color as the story, but had to travel, and make a number of calls, to find a dealer who had one. Even so the single one on the lot was not quite right, hence the order. We were told to expect a wait of 3-6 months, before delivery. We’ll keep you posted.

Last summer Lausanne became the first Swiss city with an underground metro and there are still plans to move ahead with a more comprehensive metro system for the country, with the goal of allowing a train ride that will take only 12 minutes to get from Zurich to Bern. It was in Zurich, this past weekend that the Nurse became a Grandma, welcome to Pippa Fiona.

Despite heavier than usual snows most of the glaciers in Switzerland are continuing to retreat, but while the headlines are for the one that retreated most (the Gorner retreated 290 m) the average retreat was less than 25 m. No-one makes much mention of the two that advanced.


  1. Good to have you back, and congratulations! Spring's about three weeks behind here, so it's not just in the Arctic.

    The Actress may care to know the current state of the Cash-for-Clunkers bill.

  2. The problem for us is in the bit that says that the old car has to get less than 18 mpg - I think it gets 22, while fusion gets 47, so we are well within the spirit of the act, but lose out because of the restriction.