Saturday, July 4, 2009

On the Road again

Last Monday we took delivery of the Ford Fusion Hybrid, that I have mentioned in earlier posts, and we are now on our first trip driving it instead of the Camry.

For those looking at both, they are, from a comfort point of view, both enjoyable, the trunk space in the Ford is a little smaller, but given the needs of two adults not restrictively so.

One of the items that delayed our receipt of the car was that we wanted the Ford GPS system installed. It turns out that this is not quite as helpful as the Magellan that I keep in the Camry, and was a bit more expensive (it fails to lead you to the door in certain addresses) there are perhaps compensating benefits, but we will have to be further down the pike before we can identify them.

We like the collision avoidance features. They tell if someone is in your blind spot by putting a small orange light onto the right wing mirror, and the car seems to get more milage per tank, but we haven't enough miles yet to say that this is significant.

As far as anecdotes about the trip, the restaurants seem a little fuller than they have been recently and the roads a little busier, but it is early days on the trip yet, so I'll be back with more comments in a couple of days.

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