Saturday, October 16, 2010

Transient Travel Break

I have been traveling over the last two days and will be spending the next week at a Conference. However, since the Conference is dealing with the uses of high pressure water and I will be taking about such OT things as the wear of diamond nozzles, and how to make art using this tool, the chances for much posting are diminished. I’m afraid that won’t be putting up new temperature and tech talks for a couple of weeks until I get back. However there may be the occasional other post and I hope to be able to post a summary of the ASPO Conference in the form of a short note on what I found different this time around.

For those interested, I did go to the Spanish Riding School today, and took a number of photos of horse-drawn carriages, but I suspect that this won't encourage Vienna to switch to horse-drawn garbage collection. The carriages slow traffic considerably around the Palace it seemed.

Michaeler Platz, Vienna.

I did note the number of folk still sitting out drinking coffee, even as the weather demanded they wrap up in overcoats to do so. Oh, and by the afternoon they had to hoods up on the carriages. More excuses to drink hot chocolate, or something stronger!


  1. for a moment we were going to get something interesting about surface water cannon mining.

    if its work, sounds like a nice way to go, if its a vacation , have FUN.

  2. Rain and cold - I had forgotten the weather in Europe in October - but folk are friendly, and there is a lot of interesting stuff to do. Tomorrow I head down to Graz, for the Conference and a much busier time.

    Thanks for the good wishes.