Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Views from the road

I am setting out on another trip, that will last some ten days, but am taking my laptop and so should be able to continue some sort of commentary as I go. But I also thought I would add the occasional view of where I am, since it may be of interest. To kick the idea off, this is one of the items that I helped with at the Millennium. It sits on our campus and, if you look carefully, you can see that the two back statues came out of the legs of the Arch in the foreground. The figures are just over 3 m high, and the legs are about 70 cm thick. Each leg weighed in around 30 tons before we cut them. (It is granite and we used only water in making the sculptures).

The Millennium Arch, by Edwina Sandys

10:55 pm I stopped by and took an up-to-date photo, rather than the stock one, and have changed them out. We drove off into a torrential thunderstorm with a tornado warning coming up the road behind us (and Beethoven's Violin on the radio).

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