Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome to Shanghai

6 pm local time Shanghai Airport
And this is where the best laid schemes of mice and men gang aglee. The airport, while allowing me e-mail access, and to a number of other sites (vide the discussion at Climate Alert the other day could get both it and Real Climate, but not Anthony Watt’s page or Robert Rapier’s for that matter) did not let me access this page.
So I am trying to get around that, but having now reached the hotel, so far without success.
Coming in to Shanghai we discovered how seriously they are taking the flu epidemic. First the plane crew came around and scanned us all for temperatures, and then a pair of folk in Hazmat clothing, masked, goggled and all, came in and did a second survey down each aisle. If there was any question from the first reading (from a scan of your temple) the second member of the team physically took your temperature with a digital thermometer.
So we were in the airport for about four hours, time for a cup of coffee and a piece of tiramisu, and then on into the night. (which reminds me a beer sounds as though it would be a good idea, and then, more than 24 hours after starting out, time for bed).

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