Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Katla in Iceland keeps on grumbling

It has been some while since I have posted on the happenings around the Katla volcano in Iceland. I still drop by the Icelandic Met Office site to see how the quake patterns are developing, and the region continues to be the focus of earthquakes that consistently focus around the caldera of the volcano. Something is obviously going to happen, but what and when remain somewhat of a mystery. But I was struck by the pattern of quakes over the past 24-hours. Nothing of any great significance – though I wonder why the quakes are forming the circular pattern? We shall see, no doubt.
Figure 1. Pattern of quakes on Mydralsjokull over the 24-hours up to June 27, 2012 (Icelandic Met Office).
  Jón Frímann has noted that there have been several earthquake swarms in the region in recent weeks, though the most recent did not have any harmonic tremors associated with it. But since this could be an indicator of some thermal activity under the ice cap, it may lead to a flood of melt water from the glacier in the near future. No more.

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