Thursday, September 1, 2011

Katla reminds us of her presence

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, the effects of the storm that moved through New England after Hurricane Irene moved ashore extended longer than I would have thought, given that in the immediate neighborhood the branches were cleared and the streets and local area back in shape very quickly. Unfortunately the size of the electrical problems, across a number of states, meant that the power and Internet services were not as easily restored.

I have been maintaining the summary maps of the Katla earthquakes, and the quakes have continued to align along a couple of planes. The activity did not seem enough to write about, however, particularly given other distractions. That might, however, be changing again. I will add earlier summaries of the quakes recently to show that the current alignment has been consistent for a short while, but these may be added sporadically as I am also trying to draft last weekend's OGPSS post that I have needed the internet to complete.

But in the meantime, you might want to consider this:

Earthquakes in the last 24-hours under Myrdalsjokull (Icelandic Met Office )

Jón Frímann has posted the plots from his geophone in the region and he notes that they show that there has been some magma migration into the caldera.
Earlier records will be added below as I can find time - sorry.

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