Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Panel on Peak Coal and Natural Gas Viability

For the second week running I am participating in a panel for the Focus group tomorrow. The title is

The Viability of Coal and Natural Gas as Alternative Fuel Sources

Given the NYT story on oil industry e-mails that came out today, and the challenge it provides to the prevailing view on our entering "The Golden Age of Natural Gas", I'll write a further post on this later in the week, but it is hard to imagine the topic won't be coming up tomorrow. That is especially true since Art Berman (quoted in the story) will be taking part, as will Gail Tverberg, and (arguing more for peak coal) David Rutledge and Tad Patzek.

It starts at 2 pm Eastern, 11 am Pacific

You gain access to the discussion by going to the site reached by clicking on the above title. The recording of the discussion will be reached through the above site in a couple of days, followed by a transcript about a week later. Listen in, it could be fun.


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